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Guaranteed to Place Job Postings™

All postings are “Guaranteed to Place Job Postings™”. This guarantee allows you to extend a posting for an additional 30 days a time. You may extend as many times as necessary until you actually fill the position that you have advertised for. This is for a job posting for one position to be filled – not a generic ad – for example – “RN’s needed” – so some restrictions apply to avoid abuse.

Job postings run for 30 days and are available for $125.00 each. Each job posts on multiple sites at no additional charge including and two other top job aggregaters. Also, and selected specialty sites targeting specific healthcare groups such as AllMyHealthcareJobs.comAllMyNurseJobs.comRNStaffers.comAllMyHospitalJobs.comRNDirectors.comARNPractitioners.comHospitalPharmacists.comHealthcareYourFuture.comNurseYourFuture.comRNExec and when appropriate. Also postings will be included on and

Thank you for your interest in our “Guaranteed to Place Job Postings™” for only $125

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